Maryland sports betting is the complete sports betting guide in the state. Take a look at our top list and compare Maryland sports betting sites. What different offers look like, how you place bets, and how you manage your bankroll. Once you understand these basics and the laws relating to MD online sports betting, you can choose a site for betting.

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Maryland sports betting guide

We compare the most convenient and straightforward ways to get started with Maryland sports betting sites. Finding one for you is easy to do, and signing up with an extra offer that is available in our list.

Check out the different offers by Maryland sports betting operators, easy steps for placing bets, and what keeping an eye on your bankroll. We give you a solid peek at the arena of sports betting in MD. First, sign up with a trusted MD sports betting site, and you can apply all this know-hows for your own needs.

Best Maryland sports betting sites


With a total of 60 licenses to be acquired by different operators, our job is to find the best Maryland sports betting site, and present them to you in our top list so you can easily compare the ones that suit you with deals and offers. Take a look at the Maryland sportsbooks:

BetMGM online betting

BetMGM Maryland is a top brand for many because of its smooth website and design, with a variety of odds, and good weekly based offers. Most of the time, you won’t see people complaining about the operator to keep you away from this sports betting Maryland operator.

DraftKings sports betting site

DraftKings Maryland, known for fantasy sports, has quickly adapted to the online Maryland sports betting market. Not only do you get one of the best odds providers with this Maryland sports betting site, but also access updated statistics in one place.

FanDuel sports betting

FanDuel Maryland is not the most experienced MD sports betting operator, but the geniuses at this brand have spent years perfecting the market like with football and basketball offers. Not oversaturated with the international market, the platform brings top notch offers in the domestic leagues.

Caesars sports betting site

Caesars Maryland betting need no introduction, and they grew even bigger after acquiring William Hill for the US market. With the titan name of the operator, no one that is interested in betting won’t recognize them anywhere.

BetRivers sports gambling

BetRivers Maryland offers several special rewards for residents of the Old Line State. The platform is live in several states already and has a lot of experience when it comes to sports betting.

All Maryland sports betting offers


For beginners, All Maryland sports betting bonus offers can be a hassle. Since we exist to help you compare in our list for the best sports betting Maryland offers, you can hopefully save a lot of time by checking out all the compiled information we have about each separate operator.

Below, we have compiled a few pointers to use for all sports betting Maryland offers available. However, make sure to find the one that suits you the best without compromises, no matter the offer.

List of Maryland sports betting deals

First, before finding the top sports betting sites in Maryland, be sure to know. These standards help you weed out bookies that would not be a great fit, getting you into the game much faster. Check list of features needed for the best sports betting Maryland deals:

  • Security and a proper license
  • Options you intend to start with for the special bet on sports Maryland
  • Easy user interface

Not having the three mentioned things, you will have problems using the sports betting Maryland sites. Once you find operators that cover the basics, you can look into other things like.

  • Special offer rotations
  • Expanded sports and odds
  • Banking options for betting on sports in Maryland

Limit of bet sites Maryland

As important as they are, they are not hard limits for bet sites Maryland choices. Almost all sports betting Maryland offers a variety of banking methods, even if you can’t find your preferred option, any offer can be used to enhance your experience.

Most people can be flexible with their preferred banking option, to start with. If you are fortunate enough, you will find several operators to meet these criteria, but knowing the limits helps you find at least one to start with.

Signup process at Maryland betting websites

For your sign up on a specific Maryland betting website, consider that they will ask for:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Contact info

Maryland betting sites also require some form of documentation to ensure your identity and age, so there might be an instance of providing your social security number and photo id.

It’s a pain, but it’s necessary, however, all of this information is essential to guarantee that Maryland sports betting sites are following state law and that everyone has a fair chance when betting on sports in Maryland. Mostly, this is made even easier with MD sports betting apps.

Picks for Maryland sports betting


You can use a Maryland online sports betting site to place bets, but having a method in place to justify your decision can pay off in the long term (literally). It’s simple to pick how you’ll fill out your bet slips on your Maryland online sports betting sites once you’ve done your homework.

Maryland online sports betting allows for handicapping

The most significant distinction between those who bet for entertainment and those who bet to win is handicapping. In a nutshell, this is the effort required to place educated wagers on a Maryland online sports betting site. This is a lot of effort, yet you probably do some of it without even realizing it.

For Maryland bettors handicapping is:

  • Understanding the rules and regulations
  • Considering the opening odds of Maryland online sports betting skins
  • Attention to both team strengths and individual players
  • Considering the matchups
  • Field advantages

Some operators gather statistics to help you stay up on your game, but the big workload is yours to do. Paying attention to sports strategies and events can take you far in the sports market in the world of Maryland online sports betting.

MD online sports betting odds

Since the states gaming control agency control do thorough control the operators, MD online sports betting odds come in many betting types:

  • Parlays
  • Spread
  • Teaser
  • Over/under
  • Moneylines
  • Proposition bets (including futures)
  • In-game wager
  • Parimutuel sports wagering

Maryland online sports betting skins

The Maryland Gambling Commission also has the power to approve more Maryland online sports betting skins as they apply for a license and to limit wagers on events or specific kinds of bets as they see fit.

Maryland teams for online betting

After Governor Larry Hogan signed off HB 940 legalizing sports betting, many household local teams are available for the Maryland market. You can bet on different teams on your favorite sports markets in these MD sports betting sites. However, it will be best to learn about your home teams. Here are Maryland teams for online sports betting. 

Bet on Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens, a professional American football team, has managed to keep Maryland on the map due to its performance. Established in 1996 by Art Modell, the club did its inaugural season game the same year, defeating Oakland Raiders, 19-14. Ever since then, the team has been making major accomplishments. 

Currently, Steve Bisciotti owns the majority share of the Baltimore Ravens. Together with his partners, they have provided the players with the best equipment to improve their skills. Besides, the club competes in the National Football League (NFL), which proves they have earned a spot in the industry. 

Baltimore Ravens sports betting

Baltimore Raves has partnered with several MD sports betting operators. They include

  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars. 

These collaborations benefit both parties as the team receives financing and the platforms give their clients unique experiences. 

Furthermore, the team usually performs proficiently every time. The team’s strength is a dominant defense. Also, the club has players who are excellent in speed and pass completion. Thus, the chances of getting profits after betting on the Baltimore Ravens are high.

Bet on Washington Commanders

Based in the Washington metropolitan area, Washington Commanders is an American professional football team renowned in the industry. Founded in 1932 as Boston Braves, the club rebranded as the Boston Redskins in 1933. 

In 1937, the club changed its name to Washington Redskins after moving to Washington D.C. The team played as the Washington Football team for two seasons in 2020 before rebranding to the Commanders in 2022.

Over the years, the club has won championship games and some of the Pro Bowls. Therefore, it’s a team to bet on in your chosen Baltimore sports betting site. Some of the qualities that help the team perform expertly are a dominant defensive line, a solid corner unit, and fast players.

Commanders sports betting

Washington commanders have partnered with Fanduel. Some of its corporate sponsors are GrubHub, Acronis, and Swish Beverages.

Bet on Baltimore Orioles

Baseball is another interesting sports market to wager on in Maryland sports betting sites. The home team to keep an eye on is the Baltimore Orioles. The team has experienced a lot of achievements in its competitions, including Major League Baseball (MLB). 

The team members are performing well in terms of arm strength and range, making their defense strong. Besides, the Orioles have great chemistry, which helps them play competently. Therefore, it is a great team to bet on.

History of the Orioles

Baltimore Orioles has a rich history in the sports industry. The club was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1894. In 1902, it moved to St. Louis, Missouri under the name St. Louis Browns. After 52 years in St. Louis, the club was purchased by a group of Baltimore syndicates led by civic activist and attorney Clarence Miles and Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. Today, the team’s majority owner is lawyer Peter Angelos. 

Orioles sports betting

Baltimore Orioles has not yet partnered with a betting site operator. However, it has signed deals with major corporates like Agway Energy Services, LLC, U.S. Naval Academy, PepsiCo, and Loot Crate. 

MD sports betting rewards


There is an abundance of MD sports betting rewards for you to take part in, not every deal features are the same. Remember to keep an eye out for some wagering requirements and other conditions that are required for the use of these features. Some of the more common types available for MD sports betting are:

Risk-free for MD sports betting

For risk-free bets, which are one of the most common offers by MD sports betting operators, this is one of the most common ones.

A risk-free bet is one in which you put money into your MD sports betting account and then place a wager. You get to retain your money if you win the bet. If you lose, though, the Maryland sports betting site will pay you up to the amount provided.

There are a couple of things to think about. First and first, these are not “free bets,” and the money you receive is almost always in the form of site credit. You should also make sure you’re obeying any offer regulations, such as any odds limits or restrictions on the types of bets you may make.

MD sports betting online with deposit matches

A deposit match is the second most popular deal provided to new clients. You will receive more funds regardless of whether you win or lose a stake with this offer, but there are certain restrictions.

To begin with, deposit matching usually only applies to a portion of your deposit; they are seldom dollar for dollar. This implies that instead of doubling your deposit, your MD sports betting online account may only receive a ten percent boost.

Deposit matches may also have limited values, as well as limitations on what you may spend them for and what you must do to access the funds. As a result, it’s always a good idea to read the fine print.

Free bets for sports betting MD

Unlike a risk-free bet, free bets give you a shot at winning without requiring you to wager your own money. Operators may require you to deposit money to your account before using a free bet, but you do not need to use this deposit for your first bet.

Free bets are more of a power move than anything. While they put the bookie in a position to lose money. They show that the oddsmaker has enough confidence that this one bet will keep you coming back for more.

Sports betting MD sites that offer free bets likely have a good reputation and plenty of loyal customers. Pay attention to any terms or conditions linked to your winnings on these; they can be tricky to completely unlock.

MD sports betting offers odds boost

Odds boosts will be offered on a regular basis by MD sports betting offers to draw attention to specific sports betting MD events, betting lines, features, or simply to provide further value to clients. While the phrase “odds boost” may appear to refer to how the odds impact your payout when you win, it really refers to how the odds affect your payout when you win.

MD sports betting businesses profit from every bet you place since the commission is included in your wager. So they receive a cut whether you win or lose, but you feel it the most when your gains are reduced.

Odds boosts lessen the amount of money that the oddsmaker deducts from your stake, allowing you to win more money. This is a minor adjustment, but it can have a significant influence on the amount of money you bring in with a victory.

It’s possible that odds enhancements will limit the amount you can wager, and they’ll only be offered to select consumers. Keep an eye out for emails or banner ads asking you to take advantage of the incentive.

Reloads for sports betting MD

A reload offer is similar to a deposit match, but it is only available to current sports betting MD bettors. Apart from that, there is one significant distinction. A reload deal is less advantageous to bettors than an initial deposit match when a sports betting MD site provides one.

It’s still a better bargain than no free money, but you’re not going to find reload deals worth 50% or more. Most MD bookies also have a smaller maximum bet on them. Instead of matching your deposit up to $500, you could only get a $75 offer.

Online sports betting MD Loyalty offers

Most online sports betting MD sites, particularly those with physical facilities, have a loyalty scheme in place to reward you for returning. Although the operation differs from one brand to the next, it should follow this general strategy.

For engagement on the site, online sports betting MD providers will provide loyalty points. This normally refers to bets, although you may also receive points for making deposits or testing out new non-wager options.

These points may subsequently be used to redeem rewards on the online sports betting MD website, such as:

  • Odds have been enhanced.
  • Merchandise and free bets

Different levels of loyalty are frequently available at online sports betting MD sites. You may even use your rewards points to unlock items like free travel or hotel stays if you manage to reach the top of the loyalty pyramid.

Maryland sports betting referrals

Whether you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances that are interested in Maryland sports betting, investigate if your bookie offers referral offers for referring them to the Maryland betting site.

You’ll usually get free bets or something else to utilize on the website if you suggest someone. Some Maryland sports betting sites provide a cash commission that you may put to your own use. Keep in mind that recommendations aren’t normally enabled until the other individual makes their initial deposit or wager.

Contests for your bet on sports Maryland

To keep things interesting, bet on sports Maryland websites are likely to hold contests on a regular basis. These can be free or paid-to-enter raffles or a test of your betting accuracy, but the prizes are usually greater.

Simple guessing may be used to place bets. However, having a framework in place to help you justify your decision will pay off in the long term (literally). When you conduct thorough research. It’s simple to figure out how to fill out your bet slips on your bet on sports Maryland.

Maryland sports gambling funding


Managing your money is divided into two components. The first step is to learn about your alternatives for moving cash to and from your Maryland sports gambling account.

This not only informs you of what most Maryland sports gambling sites have to offer. However, it provides you with alternate options for managing your sports gambling in Maryland.

The second step is to actively budget your funds. You do not back yourself into a corner if you manage your money sensibly. Maryland sports gambling is stressful enough without adding to the pressure of winning, and using ethical gaming measures helps you retain your calm so you can gamble wisely.

Options for Maryland sports gambling

You have a variety of safe and simple online banking choices when it comes to sending money into and out of your Maryland sports gambling site, including:

  • Debit and credit cards are accepted.
  • ACH transfers e-wallets
  • Methods for paying online
  • Cards with a pre-paid balance

Making a deposit with cash is less convenient, however, PayNearMe vendors and cash at the cage at retail locations offer a variety of possibilities. A wire transfer from your bank may be your only choice if you need to send a greater quantity of money, necessitating an in-person visit sports gambling in Maryland.

Responsible measures for Maryland sports wagering

Whatever method you use to manage your money, there are a few guidelines to follow while Maryland sports wagering. Do not gamble with the money that is required for daily living. Not only does this put you in a bind, but it also puts you in danger of losing your money.

If you lose the money that you need, you’re more inclined to wager more to get it back, and you’re more willing to take a bigger risk in the process. The simplest approach to avoid this is to include betting in your budget.

Set a budget for how much money you want to gamble and how often you want to spend it. You want to be able to bet for at least a sports season, so having a Maryland sports wager schedule might help you wager for longer periods of time.

Maryland sports wagering is supposed to provide tools to assist you in making responsible wagers. These normally consist of features that restrict your bets and deposits by day, week, or month, but you may even suspend your account to take periodic vacations from betting.

Regulations of sports betting in Maryland


Maryland lawmakers spent a lot of time thinking about how to make sports betting in Maryland as fair as possible. Taking the time to learn about the conclusion of that attempt may help you understand how safe online sports betting in Maryland is and what your duties as a bettor are.

Any operator of online sports betting in Maryland is legally accountable for a few things. They are allowed to have many internet websites, but their name or emblem must be prominently displayed on each.

Online sports betting in Maryland companies must also confirm that they only take wagers from bettors who are at least 21 years old and use their legal name. In addition, the bookie must ensure that wagers may only be placed within MD using location detection software, and the server used to collect wagers must be hosted in a secure MD facility.

If you owe child support, marital relationships, or obligations to the government or municipal divisions, sports betting in Maryland operators can deduct this from any wins that exceed the Internal Revenue Service’s federal income tax withholding level.

Sports betting in Maryland control

The Maryland Control Commission was obliged by law to issue three types of licenses to new Maryland sports betting operators:

  • Type A state when it comes to sports betting in Maryland.
  • Type B for retail sports betting MD
  • Type C is for restaurants and taverns that provide sports betting MD.

This limited the number of Type A sports betting Maryland operators in the state to 30 and obliged them to begin accepting applications immediately.

According to the bill, the state is now in charge of enacting all sports betting rules. It also keeps track of the state’s betting integrity, looking for any strange tendencies to guarantee that sports betting is fair to everyone.

The Maryland Control Commission, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and other sports regulatory organizations, is responsible for collecting penalties for noncriminal infractions of state law. These organizations collaborate to ensure that your online sports betting MD experience is devoid of fraud and unlawful pressure.

Revenue from sports betting in Maryland

The Sports Gaming Income Law was enacted by the State Control Commission in the state treasury to keep revenue generated by online bet sites in Maryland, including:

  • A sports betting provider’s net revenue is taxed at 15%.
  • Licensing costs for sports gaming proprietorships and management services providers are taxed.
  • Fines remitted

This money is split two ways after deductions for tax refunds and administrative fees. This fund helps to defray the expenses of any activities or services aimed at reducing the difficulties associated with online sports betting in MD.

Maryland Sports Betting FAQs

Where to bet on sports in Maryland?

We have provided a top comparison list for where to bet on sports in Maryland, where you can find the best sports betting in MD.

Is the Maryland betting sports safe to use?

Yes, Maryland betting sports is safe when you use a betting site regulated by the state. Beyond this, sports betting is generally safer than taking your money to a retail location where it can be lost or stolen. You also have less pressure to wager online, and you can place bets in your own time of your own volition.

Where can I do sports betting in Maryland?

Start with one MD sports betting site to get the hang of things, but most bettors find more valuable bets when they have accounts on two or more sites. Signing up with multiple sports betting sites gives you more places to shop for odds, lets you try out different platforms, and expands your betting territory.

Is online sports betting in MD only for fans?

Those who are already sports lovers have an edge when it comes to starting started with online MD sports betting, but it does not mean that only fans can win. In reality, people who have no emotional tie to sports teams or players may be able to see circumstances objectively and place bets with less bias, resulting in greater winnings.

Can I bet on college sports in MD?

Betting on college sports in MD is allowed.